Saturday, September 6, 2008

90s rewind

So for those of you who made an appearence at the wall last night, your probably feeling about as great as I am right now. With the affordable CC and my personal love affair, dirty larry's WTF Friday's are sure to be a epic. Last nights theme made me a bit nostalgic though; dressed in a dapper Jesse Spano (circa the saved by the bell work out video) onesie with a kangaroo fanny pack I was a bit let down I didnt make the line up to win the TV. But the hunt for the attire at our friendly neighbourhood thrift store, and the return of the mid 90s dance mix cd's definately brought back some good memories.

Following today's shinerama festivities there is the glo in the dark pub at the wall, event nights seem to have moved themselves to fridays so this looks like one of few saturday night events. This makes me kind of happy, it seems sad but on the countdown to my 21st bday the bar nights which my body can handle have slowly become less frequent. Perhaps its reflective of the increasing stress of 4th year, but Im beginning to feel like an old lady as its now 3:30 and I'm still pondering whether or not breakfast is feasible. (feel free to comment if you feel the same way, I really hope im not the only one whos ability to pull 3 day long benders is dwindling)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I know I will.

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