Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Note: the title has nothing to do with what your about to read... but i thought it sounded catchy!

This is a bit of a mentor program plug, and its mostly relevant to the 1st years... but feel free to read on!

In a continued attempt to become more involved in campus life and addmitably in an attempt to build my resume credentials I have joined the mentor program as a mentor.
-unknowing to most of us (in the upper years) this program has changed a bit in recent years...

*apparently the university has found that it is unethical to provide upper year students (the mentors) with the personal and contact information of the first year students whom were formerly assigned mentors without their knowledge, or at least i wasn't expecting some random to call me up and ask me how i was doing when i was in 1st yr..

this now creates a bit of a problem for the mentor program... there are 40(ish) mentors and about 4(ish) 1st years who had signed up for a mentor during NSO.

The mentor program organized some workshops, events etc.. early in september in an attempt to recruit first years (mentees) and get out some awareness.. so now maybe there are about 10(ish) mentees.. and still 40(ish) mentors...

SO... Calling all First years! sign up for a mentor...

the mentor program runs some pretty worthwhile programs and events
-trick or eat
-cardboard boat races
-SOS (pre exam cram sessions run by students, maybe even with some hints from the profs!)

and... in the event you have a passion, for whatever it is (within reason), and you think other people on campus might be interested in supporting your cause the mentor program can offer resources that will support, and in some cases even fund your endeavour.

Also, mentors are chosen/assigned by/to students, usually by discipline and help students, though advice, friendship, leadership, and in my case charm and wit with issues pertaining to student transition etc.

So. if your a first year, who maybe hasnt found out what resources are available to you here at Nip, who are having trouble adjusting to budgeting, time management, being away from home etc... and feel you might benefit from being introduced to a student with similar interests in a similar program who is willing to assist you as best they can. go to student affairs, right atop the crooked stairs and ask for transition services. they'll help you out!!!

anyways thats my plug. hopefully if u didnt know the program existed you will now and maybe some of you will even go in there and solicit a mentor!!!

DO IT! and tell all your freinds too

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