Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let it.. er.. Snow?

I have to be honest. after the terribly rainy summer we had. I was looking forward to snow. During yesterday's depressing cloudy and rainy day I said to me roomates. Im sick of all this rain, i would rather ot snow!!. So now i get to take the blame for this early snowfall. I must admit I pay no attention to news or weather for that matter, so for all i know meterologists everywhere have been calling for snow in their forcasts. Not that thery are every accurate anyways, hence the reason I dont follow weather reports.. Anways, despite my roomates unhappiness and the fact my facebook newsfeed is littered with unwelcomeing messages to jack frost. I plan to continue to welcome the snow with open arms, a scarf and perhaps even some snowboots. yay!

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