Tuesday, October 21, 2008

power ranger danger

So we all remeber the power rangers, and we all know that if you hit 3 3 2 3 9 3 on a tounch tone phone at just the right beat it will play the power rangers song! (okay so maybe you didnt know that, none of you probably did, unless you have talked to me on the phone, at which point you would know i do it more often than anyone shoud)... moving right along...

The red power ranger aka. skylar deleon was convincted today of 3 murders,
the firtst, a double where he posed as a perspective yaght buyer and then tied the owner of the yaght and his wive to the anchor and drown them.. and then charged with lureing a man from calfiornia to mexico, stealing 50 grand from him and then slitting his throat.
-having had a serious crush on the red ranger as a youngster i have to admit i am feeling a bit betrayed.
-no sentence was impossed yet. But i thought it was blogworthy.

lesson learned: not only should we not allow our children to watch violent tv. we should certainly never allow them to star in such shows.

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Jods said...

oh no! this news makes me sad as well . . . and ps. i just tried the phone thing!! that's awesome!!haha