Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ok. so its been a while. bucket list!!

Ive decided to begin putting together a bit of a list of things to do at nipissingu before u graduate.

these are something ive done, some im glad i did, some not so much.. some i wish i did..

1. spray paint your name on the rocks
2. play an intramural sport
3. hike to the falls
4. swim in trout lake
5. take a guy to fanny'f for his bday (the punishment is much worse for guys then girls, yes i did spend my 19th bday at fannys!)
6. play winter classics
7. go on spring break!!!
8. get drunk at the wall, in the afternoon
9. while you're there, order le grand formage
10. get involved in a group or club
11. take the "suicide" trail, barefoot
12. get kicked out of the wall, before midnight
13. ok my class is over, ill finish this later!

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